Electrical Maint Supervisor (Manufacturing)

Company Name:
MAINTENANCE Mfg (Electrical)
Responsible for process optimization, this includes the design, installation, and modification of new and existing electrical and electronic equipment, and systems used for all manufacturing operations at Loparex. Determine and write programs for PLC, AC & DC drive requirements, implement on-line controller changes, and train maintenance and production employees. Provide project engineering and maintenance support for facilities and equipment. Assist in troubleshooting and repairing electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic control systems related to production, laboratory and test equipment. Provide technical assistance to manufacturing to resolve problems. Has working knowledge of AUTOCAD programming.
Duties & Skills
Designs, installs and modifies new and existing electrical and electronic equipment.
Determines and writes programs for PLC, AC & DC drives.
Implements changes into on-line controllers.
Supervise start up and implementation of new or modified equipment.
Assists in troubleshooting and repairing control and power distribution systems.
Responsible for knowing NEC electrical codes, OSHA regulations, and standard operating procedures for installing, modifying and repairing electrical and electronic equipment and systems.
Responsible for knowing and adhering to safety rules and standard operating procedures for good engineering practices, as well as participation in safety committee.
Responsible for continuous improvement by training others, volunteering for special assignments, providing suggestions and information, learning new job duties and obtaining training.
Consults with Process Technicians, Team Managers, Process Engineering, Industrial Electricians, Mechanics, and Plant Engineering to plan required work, provide advice and exchange information.
Develop systems to maintain the facility consistent with plant goals and continues operations. This includes preventive and predictive maintenance.
Develop systems to support ISO 9001 registration and the Plant Quality System.
Responsible for contributing to the production of a quality product by performing work according to directions and making suggestions to improve all manufacturing processes.
To assist with resolution of process and equipment problems.
Guide, direct, and supervises E & I group.
Associate in Electronics degree and/or 3-5 years industrial experience with emphasis on Instrumentation and Electronic Control Systems to include DCS, PLC, AC & DC drives.
Computer skills
Engineering & project management skills.
Problem solving skills and team concept training.
Requires good communication skills to discuss needs with internal customers.
Requires mechanical, electrical and electronic knowledge.
Preferred knowledge of web handling and coating operations; preferably extrusion / laminations, silicone coating, and slitting equipment.
Supervisory and team leading skills.

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